Create a strategy tree basing Balanced Scorecard methodology

In this article we show how to create and describe your strategy with Strategy2Act software. We describe a sample strategy. In this sample we describe only one, Customer perspective, but following Balanced Scorecard ideology you can create up to four perspectives that will describe the strategy of your company.

Describe company strategy 

We want strategy to be something that shows us our global goals. But our job is doing some local tasks and achieving local goals. 

Balanced Scorecard is ideology connects global strategy and local goals. Strategy2Act program is supporting this ideology.

When describing your strategy you should clarify:

  • What are your strategic perspectives and related goals;
  • How do you measure the success, if the goal was achieved;
  • What are your target values;

Create a strategy with Strategy2Act

Now, let's create a strategy with Strategy2Act program. Assume, we have a Customer perspective and we have some goals related to this perspective;

Customer related goals of your company:

  • On-time delivery;
  • To become a preferred supplier;
  • Create a partnership with customers;
  • Sale new products to existent customers;

Also we should specify how we do measure goal progress:

  • "On-time delivery". Measure: The time needed for order processing and delivery;
  • "To become a preferred supplier". Measure: Monthly focus groups statistic data;
  • "Create a partnership with customers". Measure: The number of cooperative efforts per month;
  • "Sale new products to existent customers". Measure: % of sales to existent customers;

Now, let's create an actual Strategy Tree!

  1. Run Strategy2Act program.
  2. Select File > Strategy Tree > New. Select "Create your own tree" and click OK.
  3. Enter the name of your strategy. Note: it many the Company Vision, Company Mission or My Personal Strategy: Select "Create your own tree" and click OK.
  4. Put "Customer" in a Perspective box, put all related goals in a "Related goals" box. One goal per line:Put "Customer" in a Perspective drop box
  5. Click "Add" button. Then click "Next" button.
  6. On the Balance tag, you can balance your goals. Select goal in the "Index balance" list and set necessary score. Please note: the sum of all scores must be 10: On the Balanced tag, you can balance your goals
  7. Click "Finish" button.
  8. You have built a Customer perspective for your strategy tree. Customer perspective for your strategy tree
  9. Now you should describe each goal and put a measure description. Click on the goal, put the description, measure and target text in the "Strategy tree edit" box. Click "Modify" button to save changes and modify strategy tree: Now you should describe each goal and put a measure description.
  10. You can add more perspectives in the same way: You can add more perspectives in the same way

This is the way you can create a Strategy Tree. The idea is that you create some Strategy Tree and then integrate it into your business process. 

To integrate this strategy tree into your business process you should use two features of Strategy2Act:

Strategy Tree creating result

With Strategy2Act you can easily create a Strategy Tree. You can create your own Strategy Tree or use some template as a beginning. Also, Strategy2Act allows you to describe your measure methodology and target values for your goals.