Connect strategy to action, create a Scorecard

Now let's discuss how to use created Strategy Tree. The main purpose of Balanced Scorecard is to connect your strategy and action, transform your strategy into action. Everyone within your organization must have an idea about relation between local tasks and global strategy. Scorecard is the answer to these problems.

Create a relation between local tasks and global strategy 

The Balanced Scorecard concept is a very powerful mean as you can connect your strategy with real action. More over, you can share your strategic vision with others. People doing some job will understand how it is connected with company strategic goals and what is key success factor(s)

With Scorecard in Startegy2Act program you will be able to:

Create a scorecard with Strategy2Act

Scorecards in Strategy2Act program are always connected to some Strategy Tree file. You can change Strategy and Scorecard separately and the changes in Strategy Tree will affect on Strategy Tree displayed in a Scorecard.

Scorecard file is for examining some solution (we use "solution" term in the program), task or job. You can create this file if you are researching some solution, if you are doing some job or creating a new task for your co-worker.

Now, let's create a Scorecard with Strategy2Act program. Assume, you have created a Strategy Tree as we described in Creating Strategy Tree article.

  1. Select "New Scorecard" command in File menu.
  2. You should fill in the text fields in the dialog. Note: this text will be added into report:

You should fill in the text fields in the dialog 

  1. Click OK. Button. Now it's time to rate this solution in terms of strategic goals.
  2. Select some strategic goal in your Strategy tree. For instance, "On-time delivery":

Select some strategic goal in a Strategy tree

  1. Now you should rate the solution. You should answer the question: How good is "Adding on-line news" for achieving "on-time delivery" strategic goal? It's clear that this goal and solution are now related in a direct way, but probably "Adding on-line news" might make it easy to control delivery process for your partners. Your partners can learn about some problems from internal company news. 
  2. Let's rate the solution and put our comments. Click "Set" button to assign this score:

Let's rate the solution and put our comments 

  1. Note: in a strategy tree you now have this goal with your score-image:

  1. Let's rate another strategic goal. For instance, "To become a preferred supplier". Your customers will fill more comfortable if they know about some problems that way affect delivery. For instance, if you have power failure then you will be able to let your customers know about the problems and inform about new delivery time.
  2. I follow rate steps again. I put another score and comment text.  Click "Set" to rate the solution.

I put another score and comment text

  1. Now the strategy tree has two expert's opinions:

  1. Note, the total score for this solution is now "4". You may change it by rating solution in term of another strategic goals. For instance, the "Real time" news are a good way to "create a partnership with customers".


  1. The final step. You should write some business response. Select "Edit scorecard properties" in Edit menu. Put the response text in "Business response" text box: You should write some business response 

This is the way you can create a Scorecard. Again about key Scorecard ideas:

Scorecard creating result

With Strategy2Act program you can create a Scorecard, this is the way you examine the solution. You can find out if this solution fits your strategic goals and how can this solution helps achieving those strategic goals.

The result of creating score card is a Scorecard report, which will summarize all your scores and comments. You will be able to send out this report to your co-worker.